Sexism is a topic, that always infuriated me in my lifespan.
I experienced a lot of it myself. I know, I can be lucky to live in a country, where women by law enjoy the same rights as men.
However, there are still many things to improve. I want to talk to you about an issue, probably most of us women experienced. Even if you might not have experienced any of this yet, this does not make this topic non-existent.
We can only improve our situation by speaking up. So let’s raise awareness to problems, which seem minor to most men – but which are important to us.
Most of the time, people do not even know, that they act in sexist ways. For that, we need to explain our problems. I want to start with a topic, most of the women I am in touch with at Instagram, know themselves.

I am really curious about your experiences, so please leave me a comment and let’s talk about it. It does make one feel better, knowing you can share your experiences with someone.
Also, if you feel as passionate about fighting sexism as myself, share this video with your friends and let us make this world a better world for women!

Fight like a girl,


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