Today I want to share with you, why I have never worn maxi dresses until a couple of weeks ago. You will also find out, how fun such a photo shooting can be!
Aaand you will see some exclusive photos I probably would never post on Instagram. (* >ω<)

Short legs, long dress

With 1,58m of height (5’22) I am a short person in the western world. I never thought of it as a problem, until I have seen so many beautiful maxi dresses on Instagram.
It is a beautiful fashion development, that it is not outdated anymore to wear long dresses in your daily life!
There was one big BUT though – all the girls wearing maxi dresses seemed so tall! I am not only short, my legs are not the longest, either. I felt discouraged.
When I shared my worries with a girl on Instagram, who looked gorgeous in a maxi skirt, I found out she was only just a little taller than me.
Soon afterwards I visited my mum and she just bought a maxi dress in 2 different colours, one midnight blue, the other was a brownish red. She encouraged me to try them on and hesitantly, I did.

I was amazed! The dress did not only show off the waist, it also made my legs look longer. I did not even wear shoes, when I looked into the mirror. Of course, it does look even better with plateaus. But that might not only be because plateaus make your legs longer. It is much rather because they make your posture straight and more graceful.

Different ways to wear maxi dresses and how to style your hair

You can combine maxi dresses in many different ways, too! Here is just some inspiration:

  • The bohemian way: Be a greek goddess with flats, a flower crown and open, wavy hair
  • Dark Romance: Wear it with plateaus and fishnet socks, you can pull your hair together and let some hair strands loose
  • Like a Grunge girl: How about plateau shoes or Doc Martens, a leather jacket and round sun glasses?
  • Formal: Pumps, a coat or a costume jacket, put your hair up and you’re ready for a visit to the theatre.

Tall or small – you just have to find your own way to wear these dresses.

You think media.

Why did I think though at first, that I could not pull that look of?
It is simple. Because the media told me so. I do not want to rant about media – my full time job, as well as my blog IS media. It is a fact, that media influences our thinking.
All the models, who wear my dream dresses, blouses, skirts and trousers, are skinny and tall. I very often asked myself:
“But could I pull that off? Would this knee-long skirt look good with my short legs? My legs are not long and skinny, so they are not beautiful.”

That’s wrong! Just because the media chose to have tall and skinny models on runways and full-body advertisements, it does not mean, that the rest is not pretty.

The main reason for this kind of popular body measure is, that they need a standard. It would be far too hard to finish a collection in different sizes. So even though models with curves are thankfully much more common nowadays, it is difficult to find a runway job, because all the clothes for the runway have one size, that matches the standard size of models.

You are your best critic.

Sometimes, I browse Pinterest for inspiration and I find lots of charts such as “The perfect length of skirts for different body types“. I was quite surprised reading I should not wear midi skirts as a short person, because those would make my legs even shorter and it might look outdated. There is so much wrong about this.
First of all, you cannot generalise a body type on being short or tall. There is so much more about it.
You might be short, but maybe your legs are long, considering your proportions? Also, do you have curves or are you skinny? This makes a huge difference. And are those skirts waist skirts or hip skirts? Another tremendous difference.

So, don’t always believe, what these superficial fashion advices tell you.
In the end you are your best critic and if you feel good with the outfit you see in the mirror, you will pull it off. Because you wear it with confidence.
There will always be people, who have a different taste. This is, how fashion trends are set. Why do you think outdated trends always come back after a couple of years?
If you love it, you will be infectious!

Be ready to fail to succeed

It is wonderful, if you can laugh at yourself! Be brave and just try things, you always wanted to do. This does not only concern your choice of fashion, but your choices altogether.
This helps me with taking photos, for example. Laughing at funny photos of myself and doing some dorky poses makes me feel much more at ease with myself and the photos become more honest.
Sometimes it might not work out, what you have in mind, but it is always good to try!
I had this great idea of blowing bubbles – and bubbles surely are a beautiful detail on photos. The bubbles. Not me. ╥﹏╥

My boyfriend took photos from every angle of me – from the left, the right, straight, from below, from above. My mouth always looked funny.

Then, I tried to blow the bubbles and quickly smile, so that we could just have a photo with bubbles. But well, we were outside and it was windy, so the bubbles were gone in milliseconds.

However, I decided to share some of these photos with you, because blogging is fun and not always perfect!
The most important thing in whatever you do is to have fun in the end, stay creative and just try.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! ∩( ・ω・)∩



  • Ich liebe liebe liebe das geblümte Kleid an Dir! Du siehst absolut zauberhaft aus und es steht Dir so gut! Es passt perfekt zu Deinen tollen Haaren! Die Farbe steht Dir so gut. Ich hatte Anfang des Jahres auch Pastell Hair und bin ein großer Fan davon!
    Ich war auch lange Zeit der Meinung, dass aufgrund meiner Blonden Haare Grün und Gelb keine Farben für mich sein und im Augenblick liebe ich beide Farben sehr. Man muss einfach alles ausprobieren und für sich entscheiden, ob man sich damit wohlfühlt oder nicht!

    xo Rebecca

    • Hallo liebe Rebecca!
      Danke vielmals für deine Komplimente, es freut mich so sehr, dass dir der Look so gut gefällt!
      Es hat bei mir auch sehr lange gedauert, bis ich mich zu Pastellhaaren entschlossen habe – gerade, da ich vorher dunkles Haar hatte. Ich stimme dir da voll zu, es ist wichtig, das auszuprobieren, was einem gefällt und was einem Spaß macht. Man kann sich schließlich immer umentscheiden.
      Liebste Grüße und eine schöne Woche dir!

  • 1. liebe ich Seifeblasen und 2. finde ich es echt cool, dass du Maxikleider trägst.
    Ich trage die super selten und relativ ungern, weil sie entweder eh zu lang sind für mich, oder weil ich mich darin tatsächlich kleiner fühle. Ich finde sie machen klein. Trotzdem sehen sie an dir toll aus.
    Und das ich deine Haare liebe weißt du ja 🙂

    Lg, Mny von http://www.braids.life

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